Monday, December 20, 2010

DAY 22

Today I slept later than I wanted. But maybe did what I needed. Even the dog was still sleeping. Went outside and took a few pictures, then came back into my office and went in my "God spot" My little special place where I meet with the Lord.

I sat down to write in my journal and ended up writing all the names of God I could think of. Praising Him. I decided I would try and write without using the pronoun I.

Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Creator, First born from the dead, Redeemer, Lion of Judah, I AM, Counselor, Helper, Healer, Provider, Salvation, Alpha and Omega, The Lamb of God, The Way, Truth, and the Life, Light, Morning Star, Fortress, Deliverer, The Life and the Resurrection, Bread of Life, One True God, Name above all names, Sinless Lamb, Worthy of all praise...

And HE was born in a manger.

JESUS, the reason for all seasons.

Exalt Him. Praise Him, Glorify Him,