Monday, December 13, 2010

DAY 15

Another beautiful day. Cold and crisp as Autumn is ending and Winter gearing up. I like this picture, I am sure in Photography 101 this would be a dud, but the little red globs look cool to me. Almost like a series of fingerprints.

I think the Lord does that with us. He made us all different and unique expressions of His love. What some might think as a mess, just might be some of His greatest works.

Who would think the youngest son watching sheep would be Israel's greatest king? Who would think God would choose a harlot to save His spies? Who would think God would choose to become one of us and be born in a stable?

Rejoice in God's handiwork. Don't judge harshly on the external, but instead seek the Heart of God and see what is on His mind, what is His plan.

He just might like pictures with red globs. : )

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  1. Love the photo and the post!

    Sending hugs for you. Miss you!