Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Surprise

Spring. New Life. Surprise.

Newness of life. Flowers bud. Tender sprigs of bright fresh green. Life explodes.

Awakened from the dead of winter, life bursts forth. Wonders. Green Luna moths. Pink azaleas.

White popcorn trees. Bluebonnets. Lush green grass. Spring showers.

And the greatest of all...Blood red death on a cross. Payment for the black stain of sin. Jesus dead.

A man born of a virgin, buried in a virgin tomb. Son of God forsaken for my sake.

The Father turns away. The Son alone, pays the price. The final sacrifice.

Descending into into Hell. Defeating the devil. Taking the keys of hell and death.

And as foretold, the Spring surprise. The Risen Son. Walks out of the tomb, out of death. Alive

forevermore. Bringing with Him all who believe. Stepping into Life Eternal.

Spring. New Life. Believe.

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