Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Lessons

The Lottery for over half a billion dollars. I am sad to say I bought a ticket and happy to say I did't win.

After spending my $1, I felt slimed. Ugh! Did I really fall for that? The slick hiss of the enemy's idea of instant wealth. I repent. Won't do that again. But I am thankful for the wisdom the  Lord showed me.

Pondering on the events if I had won, I was stricken with how having so much wealth would instantly put a wedge between me and the Lord. I would no longer have to look to Him for my daily bread. (At least I would think I didn't.)

That large amount of wealth would tie me to this earthly life. After thinking about winning, the thought came of how awful to win and then die. Really? As a Christian, we are eternal, death is life with the Lord. Doesn't get better. (not that we should want to die, but we all believe life with the Lord is better than what we have here on this planet now.)

Then what about family and friends. How much to give? Where to give? And what would we be doing to those we showered a million on? Would they too lose grasp of heaven for the $?

Yes, I learned my lesson. Won't buy a ticket again and am immensely happy for what the Lord has given me. For He will not give us gifts to hurt us. 

Happy to pray for my daily bread. Happy to look to my Lord for what I need.

Psalm 23

 1The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

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