Monday, June 18, 2012

For those wimpy days

I will love thee, O LORD, my strength.

A cold attacked me last week, although feeling much better, I have the strength of an overcooked noodle. Well, maybe not quite that bad.  : ) 

But how wonderful to find this verse and realize I don't have to run on my own strength.
He is my strength. 

Don't feel it yet? 

Praise Him. Love Him. Exalt Him. 
Raise your feeble arms to the heavens. 
Shout His glorious name. 

And it comes. Maybe just a turning of the tide, the rudder of your ship slightly turned.
But you can feel it. Life inside you quickened at the worship of the Creator. 
Your life bowing and acknowledging that the Lord is above all things.
Above your cold, your weakness, your failure.

And then continue. Keep on Praising. 
Singing His praise, Shouting His wonders.
And Glory in His strength.

And then go! We've been given a new day and a new week.
Let's make something out of it!

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