Thursday, May 24, 2012


Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love;
 in honour preferring one another;

In the Greek, the word for honor in this verse is timē. 
I find that fascinating. Made me look at the verse and say give one another time.
You know the saying - "I wouldn't give them the time of day."  
That is not giving honor.

Actually, in the Greek the word means to value by the price.

SO, if Jesus died for all, what price is that? I would say priceless.
When you look at a person, see them thru the prism of honor and realize
the price that was paid for that soul. See them as the most precious of jewels.
And that is not dependent on how they act. For they may still be a 
diamond in the rough. But see them by the action of our Father
in Heaven, who saw fit to ransom us from sin and the devil
by the precious priceless blood of the Lamb of God.

Today, give those you meet the Time of day and 
value them as one who is priceless.

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