Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bird of a feather ...

Look at all those birds.  The ground and sky become black with them. At times you can see them in the sky flying as one.

Here to is encouragement and warning.

What kind of people are you hanging around with?

Are they those who draw you into fellowship with the Lord, or those who lead you away from the paths of righteousness?

I know we hear in Christian circles how Jesus hung out with the sinners. True, he did go to the tax man's house, talked to the woman at the well, and freed the woman caught in adultery. BUT think about who he hung out with.

His chosen disciples. His friends. Those who sought after the Lord. Sought Him.

I'm not saying treat anyone with disdain. Handle all that cross your path with grace and mercy. But don't shy from the truth.c

And find those friends who are on a spiritual journey with you. don't forsake the assembly of the saints.

Be wise in these last days.

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