Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beside Still Waters

In this crazy, sped-up world, how much more do we need to be led to the still waters?

So what are still waters?

Sheep don't want to drink from a rushing creek, they want still pools of water to drink from. We are the Lord's sheep.

It's hard to hear the Lord and drink in His Word if we're in the mainstream of the hectic world. Take a break, not at the Golden Arches of McDonald's but in a quiet place where the noise, drivings and strivings of this world are muffled.

Find that place in a park, your literal closet, a library, even a church. But go there and let the Lord fill you with His peace and wisdom and strength.

Just like a lamb will die without water, so too will our souls languish without spiritual drink.

Thirsty? Get quiet and drink from the well of the Lord. Only He can satisfy that thirst.

He is the Real Thing.

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