Friday, February 18, 2011

DAY 82

WE had freezing temps last week and spring this week. Where did this busy little bee come from?

But he was ready. Soon as the weather warmed he was out gathering pollen for the hive. Amazing.

God's creation is amazing. He has set the mountains in place, set borders to stop the seas, and placed the stars in the heavens in just the right place so that life on earth can exist.

A study of God's creation will lead one to find proof of the existence of our Creator.

The world spouts evolution as truth. IT is not. A mere theory with an agenda to undermine the faith of believers.

Look around. As winter retreats and spring comes forward take a look at the trees and flowers, the stars and sun and moon. And know that the One who made it all, also knows you and cares for you and has made arrangement and plans for your life. Even before the foundations of the world. HE knew you.

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