Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY 35

I awake to my spirit ringing like a church bell "Glory, glory, glory"

My God is so big, so wonderful, so amazing. All powerful, love, just, truth, life, light, and the way.

I step out of sleep and walk into the glorious day He has made. Ever mindful of the gift that He has given me, eternal life. Redeemed by His Son, bought by the sacrifice of the sinless lamb, sealed with His Holy Spirit.

A messenger entrusted with the Good News and commissioned to tell others the Good News. I desire to know Him, to delight in Him, to be known by Him.

"Fear not" echoes within me. "I have overcome the world."

Go boldly, trusting and learning to trust in the Great I AM.

HE is our rock and our fortress.

Trust in the Lord. These are the words for 2011. Trust in the Lord.

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